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Drought Response in Somalia: Live Saving Food Distribution in Sakow District.

The dire humanitarian crisis in Somalia created by prolonged drought and protracted conflict requires both local and international efforts to ease starvation, and increase access to food and other basic human needs. The currents droughts exacerbated a situation of protracted emergencies that has been there for 2 decades.    This is the image of Somalia for the past 2 decades. Social-life and Agricultural Development Organization (SADO) a Somali national humanitarian organization works in partnership with ACTED an international French humanitarian organization in Sakow District to assist the drought affected communities in southern Somalia. Sakow District is one of the worst drought hit places in the country. Losses of livelihood and food and water shortages have resulted in massive displacements of population. Destitute Internally Displaced Persons, highly affected by food insecurity and malnutrition, need emergency assistance. 

In order to address this worrisome situation, SADO, in partnership with ACTED, has distributed one month food basket to 890 drought-affected households in Sakow District. Unconditional food transfers and food distribution to Food for Work beneficiaries are planned to continue for three months covering July, August and September 2011. The monthly food package for a household of 6 to 7 members includes: 95 kg of rice, 5 liters of cooking vegetable oil, 10 kg of sugar, 5 kg of wheat flour, 0.5kg of tea and 1.5 kg of salt. Habiibo Moalin Suley, 40 years a drought victim with 11 children, one of the food distribution beneficiaries thanked SADO, its donors and partners for saving the lives of his children. However, in light of the scope of the ongoing emergency and the number of people in need of live saving support in this district, this is a drop in the ocean.

Ahmed Omar Salihi, Bardhere, Somalia.

Allgedo News Media Network

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