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Stipulations of Secession – By Dr. Qasim Hirsi Farah.

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None of the self-styled autonomy regions of Somalia possesses either quality or quantity to obtain the degree of an independent statehood. Any state willing to separate from another state must fulfill the following requirements, among others:

1. Must have certain amount of gold or equivalent value as an asset to their survival

2. Must deposit certain amount of money in its capital in the world-bank for her maintenance

3. Must settle all debts- money and material – owned, be it outstanding or not, before divorce take place. If they cannot clear the debts out, then, there must be a written agreement of the shares to be paid by each of the parts

4. Must settle all heritage or museum properties or items such as monuments and crafts as well as documents.

5. Must set forth clear laws and procedures on “Nationality” to avoid citizen’s mixture that could jeopardize the two country’s security and/or bog-down their economies in the future.

6. Must set-forth a clear-cut law governing the livestock and wildlife crossing between the borders by land, by sea, and/or by air. These animals including camel, cattle, goats, fishes, hyenas, deer, snakes, birds, etc. are among the most disputed natural resources. Thus, there must be a specific law to follow if any dispute arises over them.

7. Must be a specific law and policy administering waters and water sources between the two borders, be it fresh water, ground water, surface water, salt water, and even raining water.

8. Must be a legal agreement dealing with the local international transportations on the land, air, and sea such as the Act of air, act of sea, and act of land transportation

9. Must be a specific law and agreement administering or controlling the communication and communication equipments between the two prospective countries. If there is a clear agreement on controlling and managing the Skype, Radio frequencies, Television waves, and many other forms of Satellite systems were not clarified, they will definitely be used for complex conflicting criminal activities and other insecurity purposes

10. Must have sufficient populations that do not consist of one specific clan in order to avoid a narrow minded parochial country. Perhaps, one ethnic or one tribe (like Somalia), but not one clan (as some regions of Somalia think)

11. Must have permanent populations who are all willing to have a separate state, and that should be done through well supervised referendum.

12. Must have permanent indisputably defined land and marine boundaries (if not a land-locked state)

13. Must have divorce letter (certificate) from the country that she is willing to separate from; a letter issued through fair and free referendum.

14. Must be possessed certain sources of permanent production for income-generating

15. Must have valuable and permanent economic resources, because there is no state that is ready to feed another state, and parasitic burdens are not allowed in the contemporary civilized world. Humanitarian aids provided during natural calamities and catastrophes are other issues.

16. Must be able entering agreements by proving their compliance of conventions, treaties, principles, and memorandums of understandings at both regional and global levels.

17. Must show certain level of democracy in their governance and legal systems

18. Must have an approved national constitution and clear international political point of view

19. Must have policy, plan, and political standards that can go along with the contemporary world

20. Must have permanent peace and stability based on true democratic system of both domestic and foreign policy

21. Must be proven having control over their non-disputed territory through peaceful means, even if it has been proved through hardship, then it must be transformed to peaceful means and stability both physically and psychologically.

22. Must convince the majority of the states in her geographical continent including the state that she is willing to separate from

24. Must get the approval of the majority of the G20 (the top 20 industrials) countries. In other words, she must obtain the majority votes of the countries who are permanent or non-permanent members of the United Nations’ Security Council

25. Must deposit non-retrievable standardized amount of Gold in the treasure of the international monitory fund (IMF) in order to be able to print local currency in a legal way. Otherwise, any money they may print will be considered as money laundered.



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