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Differences on opinions can be brought by people, in religion, government and even society – By Abdulkadir Ahmed Bashir

If you think of Somali people the first thing that comes to mind is that,  it is an unstabilized country because of the several wars that go on day by day. For the past twenty years it has undergone many changes than any country has ever undergone. Why? Its due to the different views that everybody wants of how to rule the country but that is not the case. Differences on opinions can be brought by people, in religion, government and even society.

The main problem that is associated with the Somali problem is a chronic tribalism. Its the basis of the problem that everyone is dealing with. Some may argue that this XYZ tribe will rule or belong to this area, because their forefathers used to rule. No, that is one big mistake that every Somali makes. Let your brother who is better than you rule because he knows what is best for you and the rest of the Somali community.

If you ask everybody, especially the Somalis what is the main thing they think or worrisome, clearly say that it is tribalism; even the old man knows that but they don’t take a step to help. What is the best way to handle the tribalism problem? The best way in solving Somali problems especially tribalism is by inviting all people concerned from different ethnics to sit together and try to identify what are their crucial wants and needs; once their wants and needs are identified then it will be easy to solve their problems.

Another way that we can solve the Somali problem is, the Somali people should have to put nationalism over tribalism and once that is achieved, then the country can move toward the right direction although there are more ways than this. According to a poll recently conducted it showed that most of the Somali people think when choosing a leadership it should be based on tribalism rather than education

Government is kind of a sovereignty that is laid between people to choose their ruler and also their officials too. The president is the commander in chief of the country. For him to be a legal president not an elect president he has to be sworn in by a chief justice. I don’t know if they have one but if they don’t have one they should elect one.

The president should then make a cabinet which consists of his fellow colleagues like the vice president and the secretary of state. They have to make a legislator which is makes laws for the country and for remembrance it should voted on it and like a bill then finally signed by the president.

The judiciary will be some how different since its an Islamic nation. Instead of court of appeal being the highest court, the Islamic court will be the highest court. For the military, they should make a marshal court and also based on the Islamic law.

The system will be organized in order of hierarchy of the courts and it will start with the Islamic court.

As for the provinces they should have at least two districts which should be co-ruled by a district commissioner. Inside the District their should be a division which should then be ruled by a district officer and the division can be more than three but less than five. Inside that can be several locations and sub-locations.

What is the presidents work? He or She has maintain the countries economy and he also has to provide education (free), health organizations and police administration and also including the army.

Abdulkadir Ahmed Bashir, Columbus/Ohio.

Allgedo News Media Network

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