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Somalia’s road to disasters awareness, prevention and mitigation – By Abdiweli Sulaiman Abdi

The world needs to sustain its seven billion people that rely on it for their daily living. But the way we sustain our lives has not always been friendly to our environment. This includes but not limited to the   overuse of fossil fuels, deforestation and so forth, all of which emit greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, the trigger of the climate change. Climate change is a subsequent result of over an accumulation of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N20) and the halocarbons). It is worthwhile to note that without greenhouse gases; the average temperature on earth would be approximately 33°c colder than it is now. However, the greenhouse gases abundance in the atmosphere trap and release so much heat as to cause global warming and abnormal weather patterns such as tropical storms, long rain seasons, drought and so forth all of which are affecting Somalia in one way or another.


In addition to this, giant industrial factories in the developed world that are in economic competition are producing all those goods we buy and sell in our markets across the country, and these industries outputs are not always friendly to our environment. The closest examples are the millions of cars on our roads that are emitting billions of tones of C02 everyday. Moreover, millions of tones of toxic waste materials are being dumped in our coastal regions, and Somalia is one of the countries targeted by this toxic waste practice, making our innocent population susceptible to the adverse impact of environmental disasters.

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