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Wacyi-Gelin Diini ah: Salaadda iyo faa’idadeeda.

Duuliye Asli Xasan Cabaade “CALANSIDA” ayaa salaadda faa’iidada ay inoo leedahay xusuusineysa dhalinyarada Soomaaliyeed ee ku nool dalka dibadiisa.

Salaadda iyo Faa’iidadeeda.

Soomaalaay, waxaan isku dayay wacyi-gelinta ku dheehan waddaninnimada inaan badiyo, waxaanse go’aansaday inaan ku daro wacyi-gelin Diini ah, bal inuu Ilaahay s.w.t. quluubtooda baddalo, Isagaa Muqallibal-Quluub ahe. Haddaba walaalayaal waxaan jeclahay inaan idin xusuusiyo Salaadda iyo xigmadda ka dambeysa, anigoo jecel inaan ugu soo qoro luqadda (English) ka, waayo waxaan u danleeyahay Dhallinyarada Soomaaliyeed ee ku nool Waddanka dibaddiisa, si ay u fahmaan, waayo qaar baan akhriyi kareyn Af-Soomaaliga ama fahmi kareyn.

Acuudu Billaahis-Samiicul-Caliim Minash-Shaydhaanir-Rajiim.


Allah’s Messenger s.a.w. said:

“The first thing that a person would be called to account for on the Day of Judgment is the Salat. If it is performed properly, all his deeds become in order, and if it is improper, then all his deeds are in vain.” (Wal ciyaaddu billaah). Allah’s Messenger s.a.w. said:

“All the sins between five daily Salat (Prayers); one Friday prayer to the next Friday prayer; and also between the fasting of one Ramadan to the next Ramadan are wiped off if one avoids the major sins” (Muslim). My dear brothers in Islam, how much have you learnt about the Salat so far? You should realize that it is of paramount for you. If you find yourself somewhat lazy in condition about performing it in congregation, then you should read the following “Ahadeeth” of the Noble Prophet s.a.w. that contain an impetus to urge you and an encouragement that will persuade you to perform it. Especially when you know that you are deprived of the great reward when you miss even a single congregational Salat in the Mosque.

My dear Muslim brother, when you hear Athan – the Call to Salat, you should realize that this Call is addressed to you.  So you should get up, give up your amusement and respond to Allah’s Call which tells you: Come fast to the Salat, come fast to the Success. And remember the saying of  the Prophet s.a.w. Whoever said when he hears the Call, “O Allah! Lord of this perfect Call and of the regular Salat which is going to be established. Kindly give Muhammad the right of intercession and superiority and send him to the best and the highest place in Paradise which You promised him,” “he becomes eligible for my intercession on the Day of Judgment.” (Bukhari).

And above all, remember that your supplication is never turned down between the Athan and the Iqamah (the Call for starting the congregational Salat), as is narrated in the Hadeeth reported by Abu Daud that Allah’s Messenger s.a.w. said:

“The supplication between Athan and Iqamah is never turned down”. (Abu Daud, Tirmidhi).

So you may imagine the extent of magnanimity and mercy.

Can there be a gesture of generosity beyond that? 

“Whoever purified (made Wudu) himself in his house, and then walked to one of the Houses of Allah s.w.t. to perform and an obligatory Salat, his footsteps act as one lowering a sin and the other raising a reward”. (Muslim.)

The benefits of the Salat are:

1-    Attracts good livelihood.

2-   Improves health.

3-   Staves off harm.

4-   Keeps away from diseases.

5-   Strengthens the heart.

6-   Brightens the face.

7-   Delights the soul.

8-  Takes away from laziness.

9-  Invigorates the organs.

10- Replenishes energies.

11-  Refreshes the heart.

12-  Nurtures the spirit.

13-  Enlightens the mind.

14-  Preserves the boon.

15-  Prevents adversity – Punishment.

16-  Brings the Blessings.

17-  Drives away from Satan (Shaydhaan).

18-  Draws closer to the Almighty Allah s.w.t.

So my dear Muslim brothers, you may think over the tremendous gains that you enjoy for attending a congregational Salat.

1-    Allah’s Safeguard.

2-    Allah’s Guidance.

3-    Protection from Satan (Shaydhaan).

4-    Radiant light on the Day of Judgment.

5-    Prominent place in Paradise.

6-    Pardon for sins with every step.
Masha’ Allah

What more than that would you wish for? 

Ilaahay s.w.t. intaa haynagu anfaco, aamiin.

Wa Billaahi Tawfiiq.

Duuliye: Asli Calan side
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