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An open letter to President elect Mohamed Farmaajo

First, I congratulate you for being elected as the President of the federal Republic of Somalia for the next 4 years. It is a victory that has come about as a direct result of Somalia’s stagnant political and social bad governance, massive corruption, persistent foreign powers interference in the internal affairs of Somalia and the balkanization of the country along clan affiliations. Commencing from 2000 to 2016, Somalia made no tangible progress on all levels of life with the political and social situation going down from bad to worse.

During the last 16 years, Somalia has suffered immeasurably through external war of aggression that had cost the lives of thousands of innocent Somalis, thousands of wounded and maimed Somalis, displacement of millions, massive infrastructures destruction and diplomatic isolation. Somalia’s land, air and seas became no man’s land open for massive exploitation and misuse by foreign powers with the simplistic pretext to fight against piracy and terrorism. All these misfortunes happened to Somalis and Somalia because of lack of principled, courageous and visionary Somali leaders who could win the hearts and minds of their compatriots and stand up for the rights, sovereignty and dignity of Somalia.

Now we have Somalia where over 10.000 African troops are stationed with no tangible security progress at all in their nearly 10 years stay in the country and they are accused of being corrupt, in competent and not interested in the stabilization and unity of Somalia. Every one of the African troops soldier receives over $2000 each month where the Somali soldier receives $100 or most often get nothing. Who would be the Somali leaders who would accept such a disparity, injustice and total humiliation against the Somali soldier? Unbelievably, the International Community has flatly refused to build and equip a Somali national army who could have easily secure and stabilize Somalia because it is their country and know how to overcome any security threats in Somalia. Instead, the International Community invested millions of dollars into an African troops and air lifted to Somalia to carry out whatever their interests are in Somalia. Most Somalis are aware of these sinister conspiracies by foreign powers but unfortunately Somalis have been overpowered and weakened by nearly 30 years of in fighting, abject poverty and famine in the country. As a result, the sworn enemies of Somalia took advantage of the fraternal divisions among the Somali people who have everything in common and unique in Africa.

With that brief background, Mr President, it is obvious that you are facing a daunting task politically and socially to overcome many hurdles in order to succeed where others have failed. The Somali people expects you to come up with a functioning government manned by talented individuals who were chosen on merit, personal integrity and patriotism. Your success and failure will be determined by the man you appoint as the Prime Minister and the government that prime minister forms with your blessings.

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