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We stand united against hate

I want to make sure you heard the good news. Last week, the ninth circuit court ruled against Donald Trump’s immigration ban. The ruling benefits our entire Minneapolis community and demonstrates the fundamental power of our system of checks and balances. But the fight isn’t over.

Here on the local level, I’ll keep standing up for diversity and inclusion. In my first term, I helped bring new funding to the city’s civil rights department and defended individuals afraid of deportation. Looking forward, I intend to do everything in my power to keep our sanctuary city status because no family should have to live in fear of the government.

Now more than ever, what we need in America is love, compassion and understanding for one another. So long as I am your Council Member, I will fight for every Ward 6 resident regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or system of belief.

Will you stand with me? Sign up to attend your DFL caucus on April 4.

Thank you for your continued support!

Abdi Warsame

Allgedo News Media Network

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