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Federal Government of Somalia announces Taxation of Companies Operating from Mugadishu International Airport 

Mogadishu, 10 July 2017 – Senior Federal Government officials recently on 6 July 2017 met with a number of international and local companies that currently operate from Mogadishu International Airport to discuss the issue of taxation. There are 157 companies in the airport only 9 currently pay taxes. A taxation task force will be established to negotiate with each company and payments will be back-dated to the start of their presence in Somalia.

HE the Minister of Information, Culture & Tourism, Abdirahman Omar Osman (Engineer Yarisow) said, “It is important that companies with offices inside the secure area of Aden Abdulle International airport contribute to the economic well-being of Somalia. These companies provide important support to the UN, the international community and aid agencies, who pay well for these services. It is only right and proper that these companies, who profit from the situation in Somalia, contribute towards ending the political turmoil of the past and help build a prosperous and peaceful future.”

Ministers attended at the meeting included Ministers of Finance, Commerce, Transport & Civil Aviation, Labour, Public Works, Ports, Information and others in order to ensure that these companies are fully licenced to operate in the country and that they ensure to employ Somali citizens rather than foreigners. Representatives from these companies, from security firms to catering companies, attended the meeting and expressed their readiness to pay taxes and wanted to know the process and information. The Minister of Finance H.E. Abdirahman Duale Beileh reassured them that taxation will be handled in accordance with international standards and will be independently monitored to insure transparency and accountability.

The Minister said, “This move will allow the Federal government to record all the security companies working in the country and ensure that they hold to proper insurances and are operating within the law and are accountable for their activities. Weapons will be registered and standards of training adhered to, while encouraging these companies to employ more Somali staff.”

These announcements represent further steps by the Federal Government of Somalia to regulate the activities of foreign companies and raise revenues to pay for the programme of reforms and improve the lives of Somalis

Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism


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