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Somali Government in talks with Mukhtar Robow Ali (Abu Mansor)

Mogadishu 15 August 2017

The Federal Government of Somalia’s policy is to welcome those willing to renounce terrorists and want to join the peace process and Nation building.

Hence, the Federal Government of Somalia welcomes Mukhtar Robow Ali’s confirmation that he defected from Al-Shabaab, in a press conference that he made today in Mogadishu.

In light of Presdient Farmajo’s pardon, the Federal Government declares to receive anyone that gives up his/her twisted ideology of Al-Shabaab.

The Federal Government hugely thanks anyone who played a role in facilitating the current discussion with Robow, in particular all segments of the society and our international friends and partners.


Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism

Allgedo News Media Network

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