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Somalia: Nation in mourning after many died in a massive truck explosion

Written by:  Aden Colujoog – an independent freelance writer
Email:  adencolujoog@yahoo.com 

Mogadishu, Somalia (AOL) – Today, Somali president Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo has ordered all Somali State flags to be lowered to half-staff for three days in honor of those who died during yesterday’s truck bombing in the Somali capital city of Mogadishu.

This horrific blast left more than 280 people dead and many others wounded. The death toll could still possibly go up as rescue workers and volunteers look for survivors under the rubble.

TV News and social media footage shows, president Farmajo in a Hospital holding his hand to donate blood for surviving victims.

Not the president was the only Government official who set an example of blood donation to needy once, but Hassan Ali Khayre, the Prime minster of Somalia, Thabit Abdi Mohamed, the Mayor of Mogadishu, other Government officials, and many ordinary civilians saw donating their blood generously in Hospitals.

The Saturday’s blast was the most powerful ever witnessed in the history of Somalia.  The country’s information mister, Abdirahman Omar Osman (Yarisow) said, “the number of people who died for this massive blast are over 280 with around 300 others injured.”

Today, Somalis around the globe are mourning with grave for the loss of their follow citizens with an exception of few traitors who doesn’t want to see the country stands with its feet and the people of Somalia would have a better life again.

Thus, since this tragic event has impacted to us as whole, my sympathy goes to the families of those who lost their lives on October 14th, and I hope they will find the strength to get through this difficult time with the support and kindness that we are all sending.



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