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The Bushmen and the Bottle! Primitivism Vs Civilization

The Movie “Gods Must Be Crazy”

Written by:  Aden Colujoog – an independent freelance writer
Email:  adencolujoog@yahoo.com 

Regardless of its contradicting title, the movie goes beyond “Civilization and Primitivism”.

  • Imagine, if the humans would never invent killing machines and poisonous substances?
  • Imagine, if we would never have a sense of ownership or property over others?
  • Imagine, if we have no Government and hypocrite politicians?
  • Imagine, if the world has no borders, and everyone can wander where he/she wants?

Now, that is what this movie is all about, because the Bushsmen that lives in Kalahari dessert of South Africa does’t have any civilization, and indeed – they are happy and live in a prosperous life.

Jamie Uys, who has made the movie said, “The Bushmen, doesn’t believe an ownership. They share everything. They don’t have a sense of property. If I put my jacket down, one of them would put it on. They share everything. Where they are, there is nothing you can own. It seems so different from the rest of us, who will kill one another over a diamond, because of its scarcity value.”

The Movie “Gods Must Be Crazy”

Even though I am not a regular moviegoer, one of the few movies I have ever watched, “Gods must be crazy” was a unique an exceptional among all others.

One day, a Coca-Cola bottle falls from a plane and fell into a peaceful tribal people in a remote South African desert of Kalahari, but bizarrely, this unknown strange object created conflicts among one family of this community as it becomes coveted object among a tribe that has always shared everything.

It was the strangest and most beautiful thing they had ever seen. They wondered why the Gods had sent it to them.

With the villagers fighting over the strange foreign object, tribal leader Xi decides to take the bottle back to the Gods to restore peace.

To do so, Xi kept running and running with the bottle in his hand, till he reached a place close to the horizon – where he believed the earth and sky met.

After realizing he is far from his family, and no one can see him – he kneeled and start digging ground in an attempt to hide bottle, but ironically, there was a monkey on the top of near tree, watching the Bushman.

While the Bushman kept digging the ground and the bottle was behind him, the monkey quickly descended the tree, picked up the bottle and went back on the tree.  The Bushman tried to grab the bottle in order to conceal under the ground, but it is missing!  He looked around him, but saw on the tree a monkey holding the bottle. The Bushman, looked the monkey strangely, and said to the monkey, “look, this strange object fell from the sky.  It created a lot of problem within my peaceful family. Now, if you want to have a problem with in your family, keep it, if not through it to me – so I will bury underground.”

The Monkey looked the object “the bottle”, while flipping side by side, and finally decided to through the bottle to the Bushman.

Then, the Bushman took the bottle again, start running till he saw two men in a car crossing a valley of raging water.  He spoke the men with body gestures, and asked if they know where the object (the bottle) came from?  For his imagination, he looked the car and bottle, and thought if they were made in one place, and that is why he was asking the men that question.

But, when the two men told to the Bushman, they don’t know where the object has come from, he requested if they can take from him, and the two men took the bottle from the Bushman.

In conclusion, two things we can learn from this story: the civilization is so dangerous, and if you encounter crises, use any “conflict resolution technique” you may know to tackle the problem.









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