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Congratulation letter to President Elect Muse Bihi Abdi – By Aden Colujoog

Muse Bihi Abdi, Newly Elected President of Somaliland

Dear President Elect Muse Bihi,

On behalf of my self and my family, I am writing to congratulate you for your impressive victory of the recent Somaliland presidential elections. Your victory with a large majority win of 55.19% of votes over the other two opposition parties was a significant and example to the whole world.

Unlike an acrimonious presidential campaigns in various parts of the world, Somalilanders showed on the historic day of November 13 , the election went through success and your democratic principles stood on unshakable pillars.

Your election comes at a time when many crisis are unfolding in your neighboring countries, and when your cynical sister still dysfunctions and struggles her security issues.

Fabulously, during the election days, there were little reported electoral frauds, election manipulations, or vote rigging.

Therefore, your overall election campaign could be one of the best elections ever recorded in the past.  What a historic election!

Mr. president,

The people of Somaliland have spoken in a ballot and elected you to be their 5th Somaliland President unanimously.

Since you are not elected from a specific ethnic group or region, but elected you by the people of Somaliland as a whole, I would suggest your first step to take to the right direction will be, “calling people for reconciliation to reunite for their common cause.”

Again, congratulations Mr. President and may Allah be with you and Somaliland.

Wrote: Aden Colujoog, an independent freelance writer


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